Sharwa (Sherpa)


            Nepal is the country of different ethnic groups. Out of all the ethnic groups of Nepal Sharwa(Sherpa) is a famous ethnic group. The word Sharwa is the combination of two words "Shar" and "wa" which together mean  people belonging to the east. "Shar" means east and "wa" or "pa" means one who belong to. The name Sharwa(Sherpa) is also derived from the name Shar-Khumbu(Solu-Khumbu), in the northeast part of Nepal, the home of our ancestors.
            Many writers wrote several books on the Sherpa people. But due to poor interpretation of the Sherpa people and a lack of proper information, these books misrepresented the meaning of Sherpa to the readers abroad. The writers defined Sherpa people as "porters" living in the high Himalayas.
            The Sherpas are in fact a distinct ethnic group living in the northeast part of Nepal. We hhave our own unique language, culture, traditional values and norms, art and religion. We belong to Tibeto-Burman Families. We are famous for mountaineering skills. The Sherpas are invaluable to the mountaineers who embark from everest base camp on summit bids to the world's highest peak. In a single day the sherpas may make multiple trips up the mountain to fix the ropes and ladder bridges across the crevasses on the Khumbu Icefall and to mountain the supplies on the higher stages of the climb. Their reliability and hardworking nature have earned the trust of trekkers and mountaineers.
            Despite living in an isolated and difficult environment, our Sherpa people are world-renowned for their friendliness and the warm welcomes they offer to visitors on the trails to trekking.