It seeks significance of youth development in all-round field of education. No stone are left unturned to accomplish club's mission from the side of executive’s bodies of the club. Sherpa Youth Club intents to take strong strategies for the conservation of its Cultural, Language, Custom, Environment.

Club also helps to provide legal Education, Human right Education, Skill & Semi-Skills Training, Legal advocacy and many more training which helps to enhance their ability including physical and mental education. The main focus of this Club is the development of Sherpa Youth living inside and outside the nation through different means. 

Involving Sherpa youths living and working in all geographical locations of Nepal and abroad.



Since the present day society has become increasingly complex combined with rapid development of science and technology, most people rely on social organizations to achieve their goals and to solve the social problems that arise in the society. Humanity is facing with a plethora of problems, such as unemployment, frustration, drug abuse, social violence, terrorism, corruption and misuse of youth enthusiasm and deprivation of education and health facilities to the common people, to name a few.

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